Saturday, November 20, 2021

Further Inspiration-Warping: Cyberpunk, Space Horror

Welcome to my game design therapy journal.

 Since my last post, my attention has fluctuated through/between:

  • A: Some rules for a cyberpunk version of the skirmish game rules, focused on hacking
  • B: Creating a spin-off solo hacking card game all the way to a prototype in TTS 
  • C: A notional cyberpunk RPG ruleset which is itself the system the PCs are literally hacking and breaking, made by a fictional game company representing the in-game corporation. Not really sure how to actually make it though, probably won't be more than a fun concept write-up. Maybe I'll share that at least.
  • D: Youtube watching shifted from fantasy terrain crafting to Sci-fi, and a growing visceral desire to get my hands into it
  • E: Skeletal ideas for combining some of the above with my nascent Alien Dark space horror RPG rules into a kind of narrative co-op Alien+"Space Hulk with civilians" miniature/board game.
  • F: Left Field - slight hints of dipping into playtesting and/or hacking Chris McDowell's OTHER mini ruleset Project 10...

B is vaguely promising. And, in creating it I learned Nandeck, which will help me further test Primal Wild, a solo card game from a while ago that I was really keen on but stalled on playtesting. But I'm not in the headspace for that yet.


 I'm still really torn on getting into physical terrain crafting, but the pull has been strong. Something makes me feel like doing it means i need minis themselves, and that's yet another whole world that takes investment. And I'm sure my interest horizon just won't support it.

E is taking most of my mind share right now. Another way to put it would be along the lines of Betrayal at House on the Hill plus Mothership. A board-game like set of procedures, and lots of random tables (or maybe card decks to pull from) for how things go wrong, in formed by my Alien Dark project. Various scenarios for strange space horrors to get chased by, either controlled by another character, or maybe some solo AI. 

But my brain is tying it so closely to a desire for physical spaceship terrain that my resistance to going in on that is blocking further progress. I have delusions of terrain that would have labelled wall and floor panels the players would have to travel to and literally pop off, exposing wires and pipework and mechanisms that need repair or rerouting or something, to open or lock doors and stuff. It feels tangible and "sticky", but I'm sure is not really tractable in practice.

F just seems kind of fun, ability combos that are fast to play and easy to hack. I've usually been even less interested in that scale of wargame than I was with mini skirmish games though, so who knows how long that would last.

Ok well this is kind of a pointless post. Here, have some of the videos that have been lodged deep in my subconcious of late:

And here's where the horror part comes in.
Gert is some kind of unspeakable elder god of crafting.

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