Monday, September 27, 2021

Offbeat Megadungeon: some procedural dungeon stocking tools

If the only thing that comes out of this project is a bunch of procedures instead of a complete dungeon, then so be it; I hope they find some use.

Dungeon (or Dungeon Region) Purpose

Generator on Perchance

Roll once according to size, then roll once on each smaller size for additional sub-areas

type of placesmallmedlarge
2defensestrategic point/gatefortification/base/labyrinthstronghold/castle
4extractionrare/weird resourceexploratory mine branchmining complex
6weirdshrine/temple/study/magical experimentation

there are a million generators of this type out there, but I wanted one that was a little less specific, and more interpretive (though the specific results under each size got a little more specific than intended)

Regarding the "Theme" of a dungeon: it should come from within, not  a table

Interpretive Megadungeon Room Type Roll

general space type/intentionality relative to the region's purpose/theme
something that could work even if improv-ing

1-3: A space devoted to/specialized for the region's purpose

  • think of a type of room which:
    • helps fulfill the region's purpose
    • you haven't used recently (or makes sense to have multiple)
    • makes at least a sliver of sense to position here, relative to other rooms
  • that's what this room's purpose is.

4-5: An interstitial/common area

  • if it's large, it's a gathering space
  • if it's smaller, it's simple an interstitial/liminal space, or its purpose is long abandoned

6: A space with an unusual purpose

  •  one with a purpose other than the region's - roll for a different region purpose
  • choose a room type which might make sense to have in a different region (in other words, a type of space vital to that purpose, scaled down, or "self-contained")

Then, if the room is in a faction's turf, apply the faction's actual use over top of the original purpose
Then apply the Room Stocking Roll
Finally, add random adjective inspiration

Megadungeon Rumor Table

when pumping info out of a denizen or inquiring at the dungeon tavern, the party can attempt to guide what kind of info they receive, but they can't determine the exact result.

They pick a topic (Row), then roll for the specifics (column). Roll for specifics as well (which faction, monster, etc)

Select v, Roll >Level/RegionFaction NewsTreasures/ ArtifactsDangers/ MonstersFolks"Quests"
Level/region (Specified)General Info/ LoreFaction News for that Level/RegionBig Treasures held in that AreaDanger in that AreaFolks found in that AreaQuests offered or with a goal in that Area
Faction News (Specified)Faction News for that Level/RegionGeneral Info/ Lore Treasures held/desired by that FactionDangers posed by, or threatening, a FactionAbout that Faction's Leader or notable NPCsQuests offered, or targeted, by that Faction
(Could be specified)
Where that Treasure is locatedWhat Faction holds or desires that TreasureGeneral Info/ Lore What Dangers guard that TreasureWhat individual holds or desires that TreasureAny quests associated with that Treasure, or who desires it
(Could be specified)
Danger in that AreaA Faction posing, or threatened by, a DangerWhat Treasures that Danger protectsGeneral Info/ Lore What individuals are interested or associated with that DangerAny quests associated with that Danger
Folks (Faction leaders, various NPCs)Folks found in that AreaWhat Folks think about a FactionWhat special items an individual wields?General Info/ Lore Any quests associated with that Individual

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