Friday, October 15, 2021

Offbeat Megadungeon: Encounter framework

some current thinking on encounter procedures. The goal here is to encode a more social emphasis to  encounters.

Encounter Type Template

Results to be specified by region
When an encounter is indicated, roll for the type. 
Roll with advantage if within a faction territory.

1: "Intruder" Asocial Monster

  • region-wide list

  • probably bad news
  • if near a downward connection, +1 Level
  • if in Faction Territory...
    • shallow: faction guards will probably be on their way to fend it off or dissuade it
    • deep: this is actually a "pet" or semi-tamed beast that the faction keeps as extra security or a secret weapon - change the monster type if appropriate
2: Wildlife Monster
  • Vermin/Cleanup/Weird but usually unthreatening
3: Demi-social Monster
  • region-wide list
  • if in Faction Territory...
    • 1-3: sympathizes with, visiting, or being aided
    • 4-5: captive or "being held"
    • 6: sneaking in
4: Social Wanderer/Special
  • dungeon-wide list
  • Usually Unaffiliated with a Faction
  • Trader, Adventurer, "Wizard", Cantina Patron NPC, etc.
5: Faction - Solitary or Small Group
  • If outside Faction Territory, they are from...
    • 1-3: Random region-wide Faction
    • 4-5: Decentralized Faction(?)
    • 6: Random dungeon-wide Faction
6: Faction - Larger Group/Special
  • If outside Faction Territory, roll for a random region-wide Faction

Encounter Emotions

They're feeling...
  1. Frustrated or Irate
  2. Despondent or Dejected
  3. Ennui or Listless
  4. Anxious or Paranoid
  5. Curious or Suspicious
  6. Jubilant or Smug
About something... 
  1. they need or want
  2. they have to do
  3. they did
  4. a friend/faction/leader/tyrant did
  5. the party is doing, has done, or intend to do
  6. in or about the area

Who's at the Cantina?

This megadungeon will have a good old underground tavern. But I don't want it to just be full of elves or dwarves or goblins or orcs or ogres. I want individual representatives from every faction and species. I want it to feel like the Mos Eisely Cantina in Star Wars. A neutral ground where the players can get a preview of the strange denizens of every level.

When the party arrives at the Cantina, there's at lease one low-level patron of any faction and species that the GM wishes present. The first time they arrive, spend some time describing the scene, and the players' first glimpses at some of the stranger creature types.

For which NPC patrons are present, they are listed in a table of X columns and Y rows. Some are listed on multiple columns.

Roll a 1dX to determine the column, then a 1dY to determine the row. Everyone on the dY result and above on that column is present. 

Every Turn spent in the Cantina, roll to add or subtract 1 from that result. Also roll normally for an encounter that arrives, using dungeon-wide lists.

If the party is hoping a certain individual is present, just roll a suitable chance.

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